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2018 resolutions? stick 2 your grind w/ these words of encouragement!!

hey guys. I apologize for not being as active with posting lately. Junior year is hard,, sports take up time,, ACT sucks & sleep is my go to. January- February always seem the slowest to me.. no breaks to look forward to, things seem to creep up faster than you expect, & school is somehow

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stick to your grind.

What’s up y’all! Missing NY but happy to be home. Today I’m feeling a deep appreciation — for my Dad who pours so much truth into me & couldn’t be more supportive & investing of my passions / & for the hustle of the city– the drive of the motivated person and the affect it

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Happy Monday y’all!! Many probably know I’m super into health/wellness & eating clean!! One of the few drinks I actually drink is kombucha and I’ve probably tried almost every brand out there, but Health-Ade is probably my favorite. What is it? Oxford definition is… a beverage produced by fermenting sweet tea with a culture of

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