2018 resolutions? stick 2 your grind w/ these words of encouragement!!

hey guys. I apologize for not being as active with posting lately. Junior year is hard,, sports take up time,, ACT sucks & sleep is my go to. January- February always seem the slowest to me.. no breaks to look forward to, things seem to creep up faster than you expect, & school is somehow always more draining.

I often find myself stuck around this time. I lose sight of what encourages me, of what fills my heart, what captivated my mind, of my passions. I love when someone says something to remind me of who I am & my blessings, my strengths & values. & coming across words that fill me back up..

Here’s a few encouraging words to move you forward!! Stick to your grind!

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plan will succeed.” // Proverbs 16:3