stick to your grind.

What’s up y’all! Missing NY but happy to be home.
Today I’m feeling a deep appreciation — for my Dad who pours so much truth into me & couldn’t be more supportive & investing of my passions / & for the hustle of the city– the drive of the motivated person and the affect it has on me; the energy I get from those who think the same as me. I love coming home from great experiences carrying a whole new drive & motivation. I cherish the moments with the people I look up to the most that pour truth & encouragement into me. I feel appreciation for those who support me & stay constant in my life.

I pray all who read this has at least someone in their life to encourage you & keep you moving. This weekend my dad & I sat at the dinner table, talking about life, choices, paths, careers, etc. What he said to me I will remember for the rest of my life, something I hope to speak into my children: to never stop applying myself; to take initiative of my life. To wake up in the mornings and think about the ONE thing I can do that day to get myself one step closer, to get one step ahead. Anticipate. What canΒ I do to get myself where I want to be? What can I do to prepare myself for the future I want for myself?

Stick to your grind- stick to your hustle. It will always pay off in the end. Keep your eye on the prize, but enjoy the journey. Do it for yourself, and if it’s not something that fills you up or feeds your soul, drop it. Chase what keeps you going, what keeps your gears turning! & pray. all the time. God never fails to show up in the most unexpected ways.